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Sunshine of your love is a tribute wine to Michelle Laing, our beloved neighbor. Michelle is an incredible friend of ours, a kind and loving mother and grandmother and a genuinely salt-of-the-Earth-Mother-of-all-things beautiful human being. She has been caring for the vineyard in which this fruit was grown for the past decade and has been involved in the wine industry in the Nooksack Valley (including at our place!) for longer than that. We absolutely love Michelle and we hope that you enjoy this wine as much as we enjoy her! Oh yeah, she’s also a BIG Cream fan ;-)


This wine is a blend of two white wine lots - 21% Madeleine Angevine and 79% Siegerrebe grown in Whatcom County, Puget Sound AVA in 2022.   

The Mad Ang was fermented in a neutral oak barrel and aged sur lees in barrel for 6 months before being racked and blended. The Sieg was fermented in a stainless steel tank and was racked off the lees over the winter.  These lots were blended and bottled by hand in the spring of 2023.

These mixed cultures amplify fruitiness and complexity in the finished product. 35 Cases


Harvest Notes:

Madeleine Angevine

Brix: 18 | TA: 9.9 g/L | pH: 3.06



Brix: 20 | TA: 7.5 g/L | pH: 3.41

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