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The 2023 vintage of this wine is tasting super alive and spritzy.  it has a zippy acidity,  notes of elderflower and chamomile on the finish.  It is a zero/zero ferment of dry farmed siegerrebe from the puget sound AVA.  No yeast pitch, no sulfites, no additves.of any kind. no filtering. no fining. just grapes. 

12.5% ABV | 750ml 

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Harvest Notes

This wine is an expression of time and place here in the Puget Sound AVA—truly unadulterated and we’ll never have another one just like it. During the 3rd week of September, we harvested 850lbs of Siegerrebe grapes by hand in Whatcom County. The juice measured 19 brix with a pH of 3.54 and TA of 5.4g/L.  

Fermentation & Bottling Notes

The fruit was crushed, destemmed and pressed the day of harvest yielding 59 gallons of juice which was fermented in stainless steel with native yeast.  The wine was subsequently aged Sur Lie in the same vessel.  Reserved juice was used for priming, with each bottle filled, capped & riddled by hand. The result is a delicate yet complex, effervescent white wine with a pH of 3.58, TA of 5.3g/L and weighing in at 11.4% ABV.  Nothing added and nothing taken away.

Tasting Notes

On the nose you'll find notes of honey, lemon and white pepper.  As it warms in the glass, floral notes of elderflower and honeysuckle arise.  On the palette it is dry, earthy and finishes with hints of toasted nuts and chamomile.   

Our thoughts

This wine is dynamic. We recommend serving it at cellar temperature and enjoying it as it evolves in your glass.  This wine may be the perfect companion to soak up springtime sun in the garden!

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